Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I am the owner and president (I always wanted to say that!) of Madison Rose Vintage. Right now it is a humble home based business with big dreams! I can't wait until I am traveling around the country just as Mike and Frank do on American Pickers.

However, with a two year old son and a four year old daughter I do not think I will be doing that for another... um... sixteen years! Until then I will be loving and homeschooling my babies and traveling when I can.

Life is good and thanks to my hubby I am able to follow my dreams. I have started this blog so you can be there with me as I do. I plan on this blog being chocked full of treasure hunting adventures and crafts along with many of my daily mommy adventures as well.

Hope y'all will come on by, take your shoes off, and stay a bit. Let me know when y'all are visiting! Thanks for coming! :)

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  1. Nice clean layout, hope the blog is helpful for you!